Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Update

I wish the weather would just either get cold and stay cold or stay warm.  I am so over this back and forth stuff.  My nose is stopped up one minute and running the next minute.  The changing back and forth of the weather makes for nice migraines also.  Yuck!!! 

Saturday I drove to Plano to visit my cousins who were in town for Thanksgiving.  We had a good time, which we always do. 

On another subject, did anyone get any great black Friday deals or cyber Monday deals.  I got some deals on the internet both days and I didn't have to face the crowds.

Last night my mom came over and we had turkey and all the sides again one last time.  It was so good.  This year she got a smoked turkey and it was so delish and stayed moist. 

This morning I started up with pulmonary rehab again and it's going to take a while for me to get back up to where I was before I was put in the hospital back in Sept/Oct.  A little work at a time and I will get back up there.  I couldn't walk very long on the treadmill before I was worn out. 

I have two prayer request: For my friend Heather, for healing after her 2nd lung transplant and for my friend Tricia who needs to be put back on the transplant list.  Please click on her name and it will link to her husbands blog.


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