Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yay It's Almost Turkey Day

I am so excited for Thanksgiving!!  I love all the food and desserts.  We will have so much we will be eating on it for days.  That's ok with me though.  My mom is coming over to our house and we are going to make everything here.  I bought the pies because I didn't want to make them too.  Plus, I just have one oven rack.  Around the holidays its hard for me because I miss my brother, Charlie, and my dad.  Both my dad and Charlies' birthday's are in December.  I miss them so much.
I start up on pulmonary rehabilitation (again) next week.  When I was put into the hospital back September/October I had to stop and I just now got the paper work faxed over so that I could start again.   I think that it helps me alot with my breathing.
Taffy Apple, my furkid, has a birthday in December too. She will be 9 years old or 63 in dog years.  She still plays with the other two just like she is their age.  She's going to get some Greenies for her present and maybe they will help her breath.  I will also get them a doggie cake from the dog bakery that all three of them can share.
I hope everyone has safe travels.
I going to leave you with this picture of sweetness.


  1. HI HOLLY. I too, am using store brought pies this year. This is the first year I haven't made my own. Just have a lot of family coming in and I have so much food to make the way it is. I got the pies at Sams and they look great. Enjoy your mom. Be careful giving the baby the greenies. I have read really bad things about how they can cut the insides of your pets.I ask my vet about them and they suggested not giving them the greenies. You might want to go online and read up on it before you give her any especially with her being an older dog. Just don't want anything to happen to your baby. Enjoy your day!! :)

    1. Hey Lenetta. Thanks for the info about the greenies. I haven't heard anything about that but I am checking it out right now and that is what I found out too. We will have to get her something else for her birthday. LOL!!! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


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