Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Todays Appointment

Well today's appointment went well.  I had an endoscopy of my stomach.  The dr was looking to see if I had blockage in my veins in my esophagus, stomach, and in my liver.  The dr that did the procedure said that there was nothing significant but there was some blockage that could be treated with drugs.  They also said that there was still food in my stomach which isn't good because I hadn't had anything to eat for 10 hours.  About a month ago I was put on a new drug to help with my stomach motility and I thought that it was working good.  I haven't been nauseous so I thought that the food was moving properly.  I guess we will wait and see what my dr says about that.  I previously took reglan (which is used to help with stomach motility) for 8 years and I was just feeling like it wasn't working that well anymore is why I switched drugs to begin with.  Other than that though it was a good day.  I'll keep you posted when I follow-up with my dr about what he wants to do.

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