Friday, October 12, 2012

Reading Blogs

I love blogging and also reading others' blogs.  I think that blogging is a great way to keep up with peoples lives that you don't get to talk to often.  I also think that it is a good way for people to get their feelings out there.   People often put controversial subjects on their blogs and it always leaves me thinking.  I haven't been brave enough to put any controversial topics on my blog yet, maybe some day. 

I have been getting this magazine that I love and it has all kinds of blogs to read about any subject you could imagine.  The magazine is called "Artful Blogging."  My mom actually bought me my first issue of it a few years ago.  It is published quarterly and is very good. 

I'm still working on getting my blog changed.  I'm having trouble deciding what all I want to have.  Thanks for being patient!!!

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