Monday, December 17, 2012

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Today I went to pulmonary rehab this morning.  I started going again about a month ago.  I did 17 mins. of cardio (which is good for me) so I was proud of myself.  I usually do anywhere from 10-15 mins.  My oxygen saturation was even staying up even though I am on 2 liters of O2.  It had been dropping down into the 80 with the 2 liters but now its staying up there in the upper 90s.  I am really wanting to get my lung function built back up where I don't have to wear the oxygen anymore.  It's not really my lung function that is down it is the small airways that are closing off.  I still would like to get off of the oxygen all the time.  At least I can still get out and do things. 

I am so excited about tomorrow.  It's my 35th birthday!!! Yay!!!  Chad, my mom, and I are going to go out to eat to celebrate and then come home and have cookie cake from Great American Cookie Co.  YUM!!!  We also got a  movie (That's My Boy)to watch tomorrow.

I got a Tea Chest from my cousin, because I love to drink tea (hot or cold).

I got some lounge pants from Chad (because that is what I spend most of my days in).  I also got some camera stuff from my mom.  I love my camera.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow.  I will not be posting tomorrow to honor those who lost their lives in Newtown, CT.

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