Sunday, August 21, 2011

Diabetic Training and Pump Therapy

Last week I went to Dallas for a 1 on 1 class for diabetes.  It was very informative.   I go once a month and really learn alot about diabetes and controlling my blood sugar.  I have been put on a low fiber and low fat diet and it seems to be helping with my blood sugar.  High fiber and high fat slow down the stomach and cause your food to not get emptied out of your stomach. I have been on an insulin pump for 3 1/2 years now and love it.  Before the pump I was having to take 7-10 shots of insulin a day, and my blood sugar was still out of control.  The insulin pump delivers a small amount of insulin every hour keeping your blood sugar at a base line instead of having it peak and then drop.   My doctor had been trying to get me to go on the pump for several years and I kept saying "NO".  I didn't want something else to have to keep up with.  After getting on it I liked the convenience of it and soon fell in love with the pump.   I'm on a Medtronic Minimed but I think when its time to get another one I will be getting a different one.  I like the Medtronic but it is just a little bit to big for my liking.   I have been looking into Amimas Ping, plus with Amimas I could get a pink one.  I still love pink.  LOL  My blood sugar is good now and I haven't had many high blood sugars or many low blood sugars.  Thank you Regina for my diabetic training!!

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