Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Isn't it crazy how people communicate now days.  People are so disconnected with life and so connected to their cell phones, and I have to say I have been apart of these people at times.  Remember back in the day when people didn't have cell phones.  Remember when a cordless house phone was a big deal.  Now many people don't even have house phones, they only have a cell phone(s).  So many people today only text to talk to others.  Really?  That is crazy!  You can't hear the tone of voice the person you are texting.  How do you really know how they feel.  You don't!  I have fallen victim to the texting thing too.  I want to tell one of my best friends, Nicole Palacios, how sorry I am that I haven't stayed in touch.  We use to have so much fun together and talked everyday, several times a day.  LOL  I have to admit that I have only been texting her lately and don't really know how she is doing.  I know everyone is busy but it only takes a few minutes of the day to call and visit with a friend or family member.  You never know your phone call may make their day!


  1. Awwww :) I miss talking to you!!!

  2. I don't like texting either- and it doesn't help I kind of stink at it. A lot of my friends try to have full conversations through texts and it drives me nuts!!


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