Monday, August 15, 2011

Coming to a Close!!!

As the "summer" is coming to a close, well not really the heat but with school and other things starting back up I plan to do some new things.  I'm wanting to learn how to use my new camera better.  By that I'm going to take some classes at Arlington Camera and go on the World Wide Photo Walk, which I am really excited about.  It is October 1 so I hope that it will be cool enough for me to be able to walk around for 3 hours.  I am also reading a book about digital photography.  This is our first really nice digital camera and I get nervous using it because I don't want to mess things up.  Hopefully the classes and books will help. 

The next thing I plan on doing is learning to sew better.  I got a sewing machine a few years ago for Christmas and I made one quilt on it, but that's all the work my machine has had.  My first project is going to be an apron for myself.  We'll see how that turns out. 

I would also love to do a blog makeover.  I want to start blogging more too.  Even though I'm not a good writer I love to put my thoughts down.  I think it is very therapeutic.  I would love to have a blog that I could load pictures on using my new camera.  I just kind of created this one because it was easy.  I really would like to show my fur children, my projects I make on my sewing machine, and some of the stuff I cook.  LOL 

Cooking more is my next goal.  I would love to try new recipes.  I'm still pretty hesitant on trying something totally new that no one that I know has tried.  I made some peachy bread pudding the other day and it was good, very rich though.  We could only eat a little bit at a time. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!
Thank you so much for following my blog!!! 

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  1. Hi Holly! I enjoy reading your blog and I encourage you to try all the goals you mentioned! You will excel at anything you do! : )


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