Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Really NOT That Bad!!!

Have you ever met those people that all that they say is something negative.  They never have anything good to say.  Their situation is the absolute worst.  I've come into contact with a few of those kinds of people.  I try to steer clear but sometimes it doesn't always happen.  Many people don't look at LIFE as a gift.  It is truely a GIFT from GOD!!!  Some people aren't thankful for what they do have ie: sight, hearing, legs, and even the gift of breathing.  Even though my lung function isn't that good now I'm still here and without the transplant I wouldn't be.  For about 6 months, after the transplant in 2004, I had really good lung function (90-100%) and I am so thankful that GOD let me, even though it was for a short time, to have the experience of breathing so freely.  It was awesome and one day I will have it again!!!  So be THANKFUL for everything.  Even the (what some people say are small things) they really are something to be thankful for!!!

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  1. I agree Holly. Some people say to me. "But you've had a lung transplant -- you can breathe now." I know i can breathe and I thank God every day for that. But that doesn't mean I have great lung function any more. Just like You I get short of breath very easy now (nearly 7 years out) and some people just don't understand.

    love you.


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