Saturday, October 16, 2010

For the Love of PIZZA

Let me start off by saying that I love pizza.  I always have.  Well when I became diabetic it was harder to digest and made my blood sugar go crazy.  I got on the insulin pump about 4 years ago and it has helped my blood sugars tremendously.  I could eat pizza but afterwards it felt like I had about 20lbs of concrete on my stomach.  YUCK!!  I have started going to the diabetic doctor more since I started on the insulin pump so I could get my blood sugar more regulated.  One appointment I was talking to the doctor about how much I loved pizza and told her about how it made me feel afterward (like 20lbs of concrete on my stomach) and she said that pizza has alot of fat and fat slows down your stomach.  Which I already have gastroparesis (slowing of the stomach).  Normally food stays in ones stomach about 30 minutes and my food stays in my stomach about 4-6 hours depending on what I eat.  The gastroparesis was caused from the transplant surgery and the diabetes.  Anyway, the doctor told me that day that she makes her own crust and puts healthy toppings on the pizza.  So I tried one recipe and it was ok, I won't try that recipe again, LOL.  Then the other day I was at Barnes and Noble and was looking at the magazines and on the cover of Diabetic Living there was a pizza and it looked very good.  So I bought the magazine and came home and made the pizza.  It was the best pizza I have ever had and I didn't feel sick.  I made the crust (and it used yeast), made the sauce, used ground turkey, baby spinach, onion, and low fat cheese.  The serving size was 1/4 of a 14in. crust.  It had half the fat, half the carbs and twice the fiber.  It was the best.  I have finally found a pizza that I can eat and I love.  Thanks Diabetic Living!!!


  1. YEAH - glad you found a pizza you can enjoy!!! Pizza is hard to give up (I'm doing that right now for dieting purposes...yuck) That pizza does sound good - can you pass along the recipe?

  2. I didn't know you had gastorparesis (sp?) too! So cool! jk Yep, me too- from the transplant, of course. I can only handle about one meal a day, then it's the j-tube at night. But no complaints here, promise!

  3. Steve - The greater control you have over your diabetes, then the better your stomach will work. It takes a while to reap the rewards, but I promise it works! I couldn't eat any food after my transplant for 10 months... strict liquid diet + pills. I also take erythromycin twice a day for it. I finally got on the insulin pump and have very tight control of my diabetes and now I only have a couple of episodes of the gastroparesis a month or so.


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