Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life's Education

I use to think about what I could do to make money.  I now sell Scentsy Wickless Candles and I love it.  I had tried another direct sales company before scentsy and didn't have much luck with it.  However scentsy is different.  I started selling scentsy last November and have had very good success with scentsy.  It sells itself.  I tried going to school for several years, to get a degree of some kind, not sure what but I tried anyway.  I went to school long enough to have my doctorate. LOL  I use to say I was a professional student.  I finally decided to quit trying to go to school after every semester I would get the flu and be put in the hospital.  I don't need to work, therefore I really don't need to go to school.  I just wanted to prove to everyone that I was successful.  When I was in high school I over heard someone talking about me going to college and they said that my parents shouldn't waste the money on me trying to go to college because I was going to die anyway.  It was very hurtful and ever since then I felt like I needed to prove myself. What I learned from that is not to ever let anyone say what you are going to do ie... die anyway, because even though I don't have a college degree I am very successful in LIFE and have probably had many more life experiences than that person will ever have. Anyway, I still don't have a degree but I am very happy selling scentsy.  It allows me to work when I want to work and be able to set my own schedule.  So if you need any scentsy, want to make extra money or just want to check out my website you can visit .

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  1. I'm adding your business card to every order I send out!!! xoxo


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